H-Squared Wellness

Horse and Human Health and Nutrition


"I completely trust Lisa's judgment when it comes to the health and nutrition of my yoga-horse teacher, Gary. What I truly appreciate is how she takes the time to discuss options with me as Gary ages, and it's always fun and informative when we consult about Gary's herbal supplements."

Jenny Kendall
Yoga Teacher & Pleasure Rider
Tucson, AZ


 "Lisa is great to work with! I board at River Valley Ranch and Lisa is very diligent about keeping up with all of the horse's dietary needs. She is constantly watching my mare, Faith, and suggesting different feeds to help out with her needs. Faith is a very high spirited, antsy sort of horse, and burns tons of calories. My biggest problem has been keeping her weight up. Between training for competitive trail, eventing, and show jumping, she needs a ton of calories! What compounds the problem is that she is prone to founder - her front coffin bones rotated about 6 years ago. She has not had another episode of laminitis since, but it means she is fed only grass hay, and my choice of concentrates is quite limited. Lisa is so wonderful to have as a consultant because I can ask her about any type of feed and she will let me know if it might work for my horse. She also can warn me of potential problems that I may not know about, such as feeding rice bran. Because rice bran is high in phosphorous, my horse's diet has to be balanced with calcium. Lisa also serves as a liaison to the barn staff, and coordinates all the extra feedings that Faith needs. Horses need to eat grain/concentrates in small meals to not overwhelm their sensitive stomachs, and Lisa makes sure that she is fed her grain portions 3 times per day to achieve this goal. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a horse that is a hard keeper! Or even an easy keeper for that matter!"

testimonial from Julie Wetmore, owner of 15 year old half Arabian half saddlebred mare Keep the Faith