H-Squared Wellness

Horse and Human Health and Nutrition

Services & Rates


Individual Nutrition Consult - $60 (1 hour)

 - 3 day diet analysis (done before the consult)

-  Break down of fat, protein and carbohydrates in your diet

- Discuss your current suppliments - includes herbs

 - Recommendations for healthier eating choices that fit your goals

Family Nutrition Consult - $90 (1.5 hours)

 -  Raid your pantry!  We will go through your pantry and see what other choices, if needed that you can make

 - Discuss what Carbohydrates (simple and complex), fats and proteins are and what foods they are found in

 - Discuss lifestyle changes as they relate to foods that fit in with your family's day to day life

 - Discuss portion sizes and meal planning

Contact me via e-mail or phone to set up your consult!

(520) 298-5774 or nutritionwithlisa@dakotacom.net



Horse Nutrition Consult
$50 per horse (1 hour per horse)

  •  Analyze your horses current diet (hay and grain)

  • Discuss your horses current nutritional needs

  • Assess your horses suppliments and herbs (if applicable)

  • Discuss changes to your horses diet if needed

Barn Consult
$120 for 3 horse (3 hours)

 - Same as above


Contact me via phone or e-mail to set up your consult today!

(520) 298-5774 or nutritionwithlisa@dakotacom.net