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People and animals need more than just good nutrition and exercise to be healthy.  People and horses alike,  need to have their bodies and minds maintained as well.  Since this is a heath and wellness site, I have added in some links that will make you and your horses smile!



Stacey Kollman of Desert Horse Equestrian Services is a horse and rider biomechanics coach and horse rehabilitater whose life’s work centers on helping horses live healthy and happy lives. She is certified in equine sports massage therapy and has also studied therapeutic aromatherapy, medicinal herbs, homeopathic and vibrational remedies and various forms of energy healing. She is certified in acutherapy and is a Usui reiki master.  lifelong horsewoman who has ridden and competed at many western and English disciplines, she is a Connected Riding practitioner, with more than 15 years of study, practice and adaptation of mounted and ground exercises that challenge horse owners to discover new levels of awareness, connection and partnership.



Jenny Kendall of Desert Horse Yoga is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and animal-assisted yoga therapist based in Tucson, AZ. A lifelong horsewoman and avid learner, she works to merge the best of her background in animal science, statistics, and yoga to help people and their animal companions find health and happiness. She teaches yoga classes in differing locations in Tucson, including a Yoga Horse class at River Valley Ranch. In her yoga therapy work, she specializes in working with riders, athletes recovering from injury, and with people suffering from chronic pain.  The Animal-Assisted Yoga work explores how humans and their animal companions can work and play together for mutual well-being.



Kristine Bentz founded Sweetgrass Ceremonies to serve clients throughout southern Arizona and the U.S. She assists people and their animal companions with composing and/or leading ceremonies for new life, love and loss. Examples of ceremonies she offers include Mother Blessings, Commitment Ceremonies, Home Funerals and Animal Companion Remembrances. She is a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant and Death Midwife, who loves to help clients celebrate life milestones based upon their own stories, beliefs and values. She specializes in helping individuals, families or communities plan for and carry out natural death care. 









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